Here are ten of the largest such units in the world:

Tesla Gigafactory 1 – Nevada, United States

Following the spectacular evolution of recent years, the electric car manufacturer Tesla has opened a huge new production and storage center, located in the US. The Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada has an area of 492,000 sqm, but Elon Musk, the company's co-founder, doesn't want to stop here: he set out to turn it into the largest building in the world. Another of his ambitions is for the facility to be fully powered by renewable energy.

Boeing Everett Factory – Washington, United States

With an area of 398,000 square meters, the Boeing warehouse and production center could accommodate no less than 80 football fields, without using the entire space. The building has been used since 1967. Aircraft such as the famous ultramodern 787 Dreamliner are produced here.

Amazon MQY1 Fulfillment Center, Tennessee, United States

For Amazon, the status of the largest retailer in the world came with the need to open a huge distribution and storage center. Amazon MQY1 Fulfillment Center has an area of 334,000 square meters, is structured on 5 floors. The building includes an automated warehouse and office space. Along with this, the company has another storage and distribution center, spread over an area of 186,000 square meters. LCY2, the warehouse in London, is one of the most developed centers of the company, where an impressive number of robots are being used to complete the work of employees.

Volkswagen Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany

Volkswagen makes no exception when it comes to impressive production and storage facilities. The unit in Wolfsburg, Germany, covers an area of 297,000 square meters and houses, among other things, a museum, and a theme park.

Woodruff U70, South Carolina, United States

Two years ago, the French tire manufacturer Michelin decided to open a new distribution center in the US. It impresses both in size – 279,000 square meters and in the automated system implemented to facilitate the handling of its famous tires, 200,000 of which are distributed daily to customers.

Nike North America Logistics Campus, Tennessee, United States

Opened in 2015, Nike's largest distribution center covers 260,000 square meters. Another unit that the company is proud of is the distribution one in Belgium, which, although smaller in size, is supplied entirely with renewable energy.

John Deere Parts Distribution Center, Illinois, United States

Along with a major distribution center in Milan, John Deere, the world's largest equipment maker, also has a 242,000 sqm warehouse in the United States to supply the overseas market more easily. The unit was opened in 1975, being expanded over the years to its current size.

Sipoo Distribution Center, Sipoo, Finland

The storage and distribution center of the Finnish retailer S-Group has an area of 222,000 square meters and is the largest building in Finland. About 1,000 trucks depart from it daily to supply units across the country.

Target Import Warehouse, Savannah, Georgia

In 2006, the American retailer Target, which has over 1,800 stores spread throughout the United States, opened the company's largest distribution centre, covering an area of 186,000 square meters. The company has two other warehouses of similar size in Washington and Virginia.

Conforama, Paris, France

The Conforama distribution center in Paris was opened in 2019 and is currently one of the largest units of its kind in Europe and the largest in France. The building, which belongs to the French furniture manufacturer Conforama, has an area of 177,000 square meters and, for sustainable operation, has been equipped with energy saving systems.

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