Villa Constantin Silvestri In Dorobanti

Str. Paris 19, București
4,000,000 €
VAT Included
Search 29 29 rooms
Search 11 11 bathrooms
Area 1000 sqm

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Built in 1940 by Arch. Ion Giurgea in Dorobanti-Capitale Area, this beautiful, 1437 square meter villa is part of an architectural ensemble declared a category B historical monument.

Within Louis Blanc subdivision, just a few meters from Victoriei Square, a notable structure stands out—the building at 19 Paris Street, with its extravagant appearance resembling a palazzetto that incorporates elements borrowed from various styles. The building was conceived in the so-called Mauro-Florentine style, which exerted intense fascination in interwar Bucharest among both beneficiaries and architects.

The facades indulge in an abundance of decorative elements specific to the style: facades with calcio vecchio-type textures adorned with profiles, bas-reliefs, frames, and stone columns. These elements, with consistent, thick lines, along with pronounced cornices, brackets, and balconies, give the house a play of shadows and massive contours, partially accentuated and partially diminished in effect by the heavy lace-patterned ironwork. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this building is its spatial richness: a multitude of terraces at different levels, a series of inner courtyards framed by columns and arches that charmingly filter the light, reproducing, in a way, the Mediterranean atmosphere.

The villa is suitable for use as a residence, showroom, or office space.

It can also be rented for 15.000 euro per month.

Villa Details

BS + GF + 2F
1000 sqm
Built Area:
1437 sqm
Land Area:
627 sqm
29 rooms
11 bathrooms
4,000,000 €
VAT Included
Available for:
Construction Year:

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