Official Broker of One United Properties

SKIA Real Estate is the main residential, commercial and office sales and rentals agent for One United Properties.

We are a team of professionals that gathered together and created a strong business relation with the most important and powerful real estate developer in Bucharest. While One United Properties is designing and developing mixed use projects, SKIA Real Estate is taking good care of renting and selling the residential properties that are carefully and responsibly designed for the potential clients that are considering that “a One home” is the place they want to live in with their families or by themselves.

We are involved from the beginning in every single stage of developing a residential, commercial or office project and that is why we understand the final product One United Properties is delivering to its end users, our clients. With a strong belief and knowing for a fact that the only way to serve a client is to carefully listen to their need and always provide a customized solution, Team SKIA Real Estate is here to achieve its goal, your goal.

Residential Properties

More than exquisite. Remarkably designed homes.

Commercial Spaces

Retail investments, stylish boutiques within mixed use developments.

Office Properties

Prime locations for business ventures to own.