According to VisaGuide, Romania ranks as the third-best destination for digital nomads globally, just behind Spain and Argentina. Here’s why:

  • Digital Nomad-Friendly Taxes;
  • High-Speed Internet - Romania offers the fastest internet among the 38 countries ranked by VisaGuide;
  • Low Cost of Living;
  • Good Health Score;
  • Positive Reviews from Digital Nomads.

In 2023, only 10 digital nomads chose Romania, but their experiences were very positive. Michael, a digital nomad since 2020, shares:

"Romania is incredibly affordable. From food to accommodation and transport, costs are much lower compared to neighboring countries or Western Europe."

"Excellent internet almost everywhere."

"The country is absolutely beautiful and vibrant."

How to Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Romania

According to Law 22/2022, a digital nomad is a foreigner employed by a foreign company or who owns a foreign company and provides services using information technology.

To apply for the long-stay visa for other purposes (D/AS), you need:

  • An employment contract or proof that you own a company registered outside Romania;

  • A letter of intent explaining your purpose and activities in Romania;

  • Proof of financial means, health insurance, and accommodation;

  • A clean criminal record and other necessary documents.

For more details, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Come to Romania for an affordable, fast, and vibrant digital nomad experience!