An increasingly present trend is for mixed-use developments to offer multiple experiences for residents, employees, but also communities in nearby areas. Cafes, restaurants, wine bars or gourmet shops are all on the list of services to which more and more inhabitants from such ensembles have access. Such an example is One Floreasca City, which hosts a blend of options for all preferences. Whether you want a vegan lunch at Samsara, an evening with champagne and tacos at Elephante, a pampering moment with an appetizing dessert like the ones made by Mara Mura, or just to take a coffee break at Ted’s Coffee, all can be found within the same ensemble. The locations included in One Herăstrău Plaza development continue the list: healthy food options, such as those offered by Plantini, and quality coffee, which you can enjoy at Beans & Dots. In the same place, you can experience a sensory journey in the Orient or sunny Italy, at Amoom, respectively Pasta del Popolo. The design of these locations follows the same contemporary touch found in the real estate projects that host them.

And because we talked about the most popular drink on the planet, and the smell of freshly ground coffee is one of the most pleasant smells, we can’t omit the many artisanal cafes that have spread all over Bucharest in recent years, to the delight of those for whom quality coffee is a "must". Without claiming that we can offer a comprehensive list, we leave only a few names in which both the drinks on the menu and the décor - from the bohemian or minimalist elements to the industrial design, and even the simple coffee cups were raised to the rank of art. Some of our choices are Origo, Steam, Artichoke Social House, Camera din față, Human Coffee, or Seneca AntiCafe – social hubs, full of colours and flavours from the most exotic corners of the world.

Last but not least, an increasingly common trend among Bucharest restaurants and bistros is the reinterpretation of traditional Romanian dishes in modern versions, being transformed by the non-conformist ideas of the new generations of chefs. Who says that the delicious sarmale with polenta, for example, cannot be transformed into fine dining and thus integrated into contemporary menus, adapted to the new international culinary trends? In addition to the original cooking techniques found in fusion kitchens, but also the newly launched technologies dedicated to the foodservice industry, comes an imperative criterion: design. To turn an ordinary dish into a 2022 plate, restaurants put their imagination to the test using elements such as micro plants and colour contrasts, to make everything more appetizing. However, special emphasis is also placed on the dishes: the classic plates have been replaced with bamboo trays, hand-painted ceramic plates, slate (volcanic-looking rock), or small cast iron pans, that are also customized with messages. In Bucharest, you can try such current gastronomic experiences at NOUA, Mahala, KANE, or Soro lume restaurants, among others. Enjoy it!