Christmas tree decoration

For many, the Christmas tree remains a symbol of the winter holidays. But while a few years ago we used to decorate small natural fir trees with tinsel and plastic or glass ornaments, now the growing interest in sustainability has given rise to new trends. We mention, for example, the do-it-yourself trees, which we talked about in the article "Funny DIY Christmas tree ideas", but also the handmade decorations from recycled materials. For example, globes representing snowmen, made of white light bulbs or jar lids, mini-trees made of textile, decorated with coloured buttons, or garlands made of hand-painted corks.

Seasonal drinks

In the past hot chocolate and mulled wine – consumed since Antiquity, only then for medicinal purposes, to replace infested water – were indispensable in the cold season, but in recent years restaurant menus have come up with novelties. Hot lemonades with cinnamon and anise, punch, chocolate with marshmallows, and exotic flavours teas are just a few examples.


We can still hear children at the gates of houses or in the staircases of buildings bringing the magic of Christmas through their carols. But we also see "globalization", as many of the traditional carols are now replaced by well-known songs broadcast on the radio during winter, in English, German, and more. The Romanian traditiona of Steaua, Sorcova and Plugușor can mostly be found nowadays only in traditional rural communities. The boisterous groups that used to animate the neighbourhoods dressed in bearskins and popular Goat-walking costumes have become so rare lately.

The gifts

In recent years, apart from the presents for the loved ones, there are more and more opportunities to give. Volunteering has gained momentum, but so have the "traditions" adopted by the corporate environment, such as Secret Santa. Habits of this type are a good opportunity for team building. At the same time, it gives employees the chance to learn more about their colleagues and their hobbies, in order to choose the most suitable gift.

Christmas lunch

Although it is now "fashionable" to spend the winter holidays abroad, at seasonal fairs in other European cities, or even on an exotic beach, Christmas still remains the holiday that has the power to magically gather the whole family around the table. Some dishes have remained the same: Romanian sarmale, cozonac, and specific appetizers. But more and more dishes served in other countries are now finding their place on the menu, from bulky turkeys to banana bread and more. Another trend is the use of organic ingredients, but also the purchase of artisanal products from small local producers.

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