Take a "rustling" walk through the city's parks

Even if you don't have time to go outside the city for a few days to enjoy the colorful show offered by Romania's deciduous forests in mid-autumn, the city's parks are the perfect substitute. Whether you prefer a Bacovian atmosphere, with light rain, or a sunny day, when the gentle sun rays highlight the copper and yellow of the leaves, you won't go wrong with a walk through Herăstrău, Cișmigiu, or Carol parks. Mirrored in the water waves, the trees bordering their lakes create a real painting, just like in Monet's works. The ideal place for a seasonal photo session!

Enjoy a freshly roasted coffee

Beyond the traditional ones or the concept ones, where the decor introduces you directly to the world of coffee, you can also find numerous themed cafes in Bucharest. An example is Van Gogh Café, the ideal refuge for art lovers, or the Ganesha Café, a colorful, ”instagrammable” café, where those who prefer oriental influences find their place. But there's more; if, for example, you want to relax with friends at an evening of board games without having to be the host yourself, Bucharest offers you a series of cafes/restaurants where you can enjoy such an activity as a customer. Among the places that offer such facilities are the two locations of Lente, which, by the way, describe themselves as the "living room in the city" of those who cross their threshold. Multifunctional spaces, in which you can solve several tasks at the same time, are also fashionable now. We are talking about places like Ototo, a supermarket-cafe where you go for local brands, but you can also stay for a coffee when you finish your shopping session. Other places where you can retreat on the cool autumn days are the cafes that invite you to reveal your artistic qualities. At Ceramic Café, for example, you can customize a ceramic mug for yourself to use later in your own kitchen. Don't forget the modern literary cafes, like those of the Cărturesti chain, where you can enjoy not only reading but also a hot coffee or tea. And if you are passionate about technology, a visit to the new Bang&Olufsen store opened at One Herăstrău Tower is a must: in a space with a contemporary design, you will find the newest and top high-fidelity systems of the well-known Danish brand, complemented by the taste of an original coffee offered by BeoCafe - Specialty Coffee, a concept specially created for this showroom. Everything for an exploring journey of the senses!

Relax with a stand-up comedy show

It is well known that laughter is one of the best forms of therapy. On the weekends, gather your friends and go to a stand-up comedy show in one of the clubs in Bucharest, just to forget the burden of the entire work week! Among the most famous "poles of comedy" in the city are Comics Club, The Fool, and Club 99.

Discover horse riding

Often referred to as the noblest sport, riding will help you relax, improve your posture, and 'force' you into a digital detox. The Hippodrome in Voluntari or the numerous riding clubs in Bucharest and around the city are within reach for those who want to (re)discover the pleasure of an hour of riding. As for the children, in parks such as Al. I. Cuza (I.O.R.) small spaces have appeared where they can enjoy a pony ride. It is a definitely an attractive experience for the little ones.

Enjoy the art

If you give yourself the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the secrets of the world of fine arts, you will hopelessly fall in love with it. And that's because there are so many artistic currents that it's almost impossible not to find one to your taste. Regardless of whether you are just discovering this universe or you are already an avid collector, Bucharest offers many places where you can enjoy the works of local or international artists. You have at your disposal both the classic art museums, such as Theodor Pallady, MARe (Museum of Recent Art) or the National Art Museum, as well as galleries and exhibitions such as Art Safari, Senso, Galateca, and the European Art Gallery.

Photo credit: I, Sailko, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons