For literature lovers, we recommend a tree made of... books. Whether you want to use a wide colour palette, with the most diverse covers in the library, or you want to make up a tree with all covers in the same colour, the result will be as original as possible.

Another resource is glass bottles. By reusing them to create a Christmas tree, you protect nature twice: you save a tree, and at the same time you give the used bottles a new life. In addition, if space allows, you can store them in boxes, to use them the following year. If not, be sure to take the "tree" to a recycling centre after the winter holidays. In setting up this type of tree it is important to pay great attention to safety, so as not to cut yourself if any bottle should break. Use an adhesive to secure them together, but if you have little children or pets who like to run around the house you should consider another kind of sustainable tree to avoid accidents.

Another way to make a Christmas tree is to use egg packaging. The secret is to use the cardboard version, which you can paint in different shades of green together with the little ones who will certainly like it! In the end, all you have to do is glue them together in the shape of a cone and decorate them with whatever you like, from bows to globes, or tinsel.

A sustainable Christmas tree that will bring you much closer to nature is also one made from fir cones. With this option, you can actually bring elements of natural fir trees into your home, while the search for cones can also be an entertaining adventure for the whole family.

For the little ones, we recommend a fun idea that they will definitely like. A Christmas tree made using an indoor tent intended for children. You can buy a piece of green cloth on which to mount baubles and other decorations, and cover the tent with it, still leaving the entrance clear, so that the kids can enjoy it to the fullest.

Another simple option is to create a Christmas tree decor on one of the walls of the room. And there are many options: for example, using rolls of coloured paper for gift wrapping. Choose different designs and alternate each layer, cutting them shorter and shorter towards the top. Finally, draw a star or make it out of cardboard, which you can then spray with gold or silver paint, aluminum foil, or whatever else you have on hand.