5 Bedroom Villa For Rent In Dorobanți - Floreasca

This property is no longer available.
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4,900 € + VAT
5,831 € VAT Included
Search 5 5 bedrooms
Search 4 4 bathrooms
Area 366 sqm

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A contemporary property for rent in one of the most popular areas of Bucharest, between Dorobanti and Floreasca, offering a high level of quality and comfort. With a generous space, it’s perfectly partitioned with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths and private relaxing terraces and gardens. The one-way street where it’s positioned is very private, without being circulated by others than the area’s residents.

It’s close to numerous commercial spaces, shops, restaurants, parks and other locations of interest to the community.

The house is move-in ready, fully furnished and equipped, with a modern design that highlights the premium textures of wood and stone and spectacular chromatics. The rooms are spacious and benefit from an advantageous lighting system that enhances the home.

The living room and the dining area are the central areas of the house and they open into a private terrace, overlooking the private garden and street, an overall green and quiet area.

The 44 square-meter master bedroom is simply stunning. Situated on the last floor of the house, the second one, it is proof that living right in the city center can be a relaxing and private experience. Being surrounded by trees and not higher level houses, transforms the terrace of this room into a private oasis, where one can enjoy some free time lying on sunbeds and listening to the birds singing.

The villa also offers an elevated basement with another entertainment area, a guest bedroom, a service kitchen, bathroom and laundry for a complete mix services.

The property offers parking for 2 cars.

Villa Details

This property is no longer available.

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Ground floor
366 sqm
5 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
103 sqm
4,900 € + VAT
5,831 € VAT Included
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