Each winter home improvement session comes with a shopping one, do this is where we start. In past years, we may have rushed to the markets and shops on Christmas Eve to choose the Christmas tree and the decorations that properly welcome the most beautiful holiday of the year. However, with the advent of the new health crisis, things have changed. Nowadays, responsible shopping sessions are "fashionable", they are done in advance, and maybe not necessarily in offline stores, since the online offers us a huge range of options for all tastes.

Another trend that stands out this season is that of handmade decorative elements. Many of us discovered new passions during the lockdown periods, and the phrase DIY (do it yourself) became a real leitmotif. Whether we turn a jar of pickles into a colorful lamp or a few dried slices of orange into scented globes, a decoration we made will give us a great feeling of satisfaction, and unique air to the house. We can also include the "recycling" factor because any object that acquires a new life will have a small impact in supporting environmental protection. Atypical Christmas trees are heading in the same sustainable direction, and we are not referring here to plastic ones, but to truly original alternatives, of all shapes and materials. From models made of bottles, books, or dry branches, to elaborate ones, such as origami, "reinterpreted" Christmas trees are becoming more and more common in our homes.

Another thing that the pandemic highlighted was the importance of relating and maintaining ties with those close to us. And we're not just talking about family or friends. We all remember, for sure, the emotional moments captured and shared on the internet, with large groups of neighbors easing their days of isolation by singing together. Christmas is a great opportunity to bring a smile to the eyes of the people in the community where we live, and one way we can do this is to decorate the exterior doors of homes and gardens, where appropriate, in Christmas specific colors, without being stingy on tinsel, lights, or ribbons, because nothing can be in excess for Christmas.

If due to restrictions imposed by the authorities or for other reasons, we cannot have that fairy-tale Christmas in a secluded cottage in the mountains, we can bring its charm into our own homes through a fireplace – a truly differentiating element in a home. Evenings spent with loved ones will have a different charm in front of the flames, whether they are accompanied by the smell of burnt wood or just apparent, if we opt for an electric model.

In addition, if we miss the old snowy days, we can again use our imagination or a specialty store to decorate the house with a few elements that create the illusion of this enchanting element, using, for example, spray with white and silver paint, paper, or cotton flowers.

And if the budget allows, a decorator specialized in seasonal arrangements is welcome. Although we may be tempted to try to do everything on our own, we are often more successful if we leave certain issues in the hands of specialists, choosing instead to spend time with family or, why not, with ourselves. Christmas is one of the best times of the year for introspections and stories told: "by the stove".

Data for this article was obtained from forbes.com and countryliving.com.