From the moment we enter the house, technology makes its way to offer us comfort and safety. An increasingly popular device is the smart ringtone: it works via Wi-Fi, has motion sensors, video calls, and can be controlled directly from the smartphone. Surveillance systems are also important elements, as they keep us and our loved ones safe.

Living room

For many of us, the living room is the central place of the house. Here we spend most of our time, whether we invite our friends to an evening of board games, have dinner with family, or spend time with our life partner in front of the last season of the favorite series. To make such moments more pleasant, technology comes to our aid with countless facilities, from the classic but increasingly high-performant smart TV to smart bulbs that can be set on various intensity levels and in different colors to create the perfect atmosphere depending on the event, smart fireplaces with Wi-Fi activation, or smart vacuum cleaners that save us from the chore of vacuuming the hair left behind by pets.


The bathroom can become, with the help of a few scented candles, exotic flavor salts, and, more recently, technology, the spa that we cannot reach daily due to our busy schedules. And this is because bathrooms can now be equipped with the most efficient devices, from liquid soap dispensers or automatic toothpaste to toilet bowls with dozens of functions (cleaning, odorization, and regulation of water consumption, among others), voice-activated light mirrors for perfect make-up, and showerheads with wireless or Bluetooth-enabled speakers that can play for hours songs that help us forget about unfinished tasks and day-to-day worries.


It is the first room we leave and the last we enter; the bedroom is the space meant to offer us the optimal level of comfort and peace to rest and recharge our batteries. Yet again, technology comes to the rescue: smart sockets; thermostats with sensors or wireless temperature control; virtual assistants to whom we dictate the "to-do lists" or the events we must attend, and which also replace the classic alarm clocks, inform us about the weather or play audiobooks; baby monitors and even smart curtains, which can be adjusted at will from the comfort of the bed.

And because smart homes do not only mean appliances and smart devices, this concept can also be extended to the administrative area of the home, through applications for tenants in the same residential complex. These applications - such as One United Smart Home - help residents ensure that they efficiently manage their monthly payments and are also a channel that facilitates direct and fast communication with residential club administrators. Sometimes, the functionalities of home applications even allow the automatic opening of access doors or the remote adjustment of the temperature in each room.