For many years, Pictor Arthur Verona Street has become the place where the voices of many urban artists take shape through the murals painted on the walls of the buildings that border it. Whether we talk about the messages aimed at corruption, pollution, or human rights, rendered through images, or the abstract works made in various colours and shapes, this is one of the richest places in street art in the city. No wonder this aspect gave birth to an annual festival, called Street Delivery. Currently, the works that beautify it are signed by artists such as Andrei Felea, with the well-known face of I. L. Caragiale, on which we also find the message "Who do I vote for?", Livi Po, whose unicorn accompanied by the phrase "Make heaven from what you have” became very popular on social media, or Silvia Dumitriu, with the work “Inner breath”.

An equally high density of urban works can be found on the so-called "Berceni Wall". This fence that lies between Piața Sudului and Apărătorii Patriei has been transformed from a monotonous structure into a real open-air art gallery. The works, representing mainly themes inspired by nature, were made by Sweet Damage Crew, one of the most famous Romanian teams of street artists. Birds with bright feathers, wild animals, reptiles, and so on make this not very popular district of the Capital stand out today. The work "Make a point" on General Eremia Grigorescu Street, also signed by them, is one of the most photographed street art pieces in Bucharest.

Another street on which we can admire a large urban work is Xenophon, the only stepped street in Bucharest. The one who offered it a new element of uniqueness is artist Eva Radu, who came up with the initiative to paint the steps in 2014. The first work, which featured a series of emblematic buildings of the Capital, was later replaced by other performances by the same artist.

The Cotroceni neighbourhood has, in turn, a real tourist attraction, known as the "Stairs of Happiness". The series of steps that connect Dr. Grigore Romniceanu Street and Alexandru Vitzu Street catches the eye with an explosion of colours, as it is painted, with the help of paint tubes, in the colours of the rainbow.

In terms of optimism, we can also mention the brightly coloured mural on the wall of the "Grigore Alexandrescu" Children's Hospital, also executed by Sweet Damage Crew, to give little patients the courage to go further and help them keep their positive energy.

Other places in the city that have benefited from a "change of look" with graffiti are Basarab Passage, the University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu", whose walls house a work signed by Obie Platon, depicting the portrait of the famous architect, the Summer Theater „Capitol”, on the doors of which there is a work belonging to the artist known as "Square Cat", but also the metro station Piața Romană, whose walls periodically change their appearance with the help of urban artists. Beautified by a series of ecograffitis are also Calea Șerban Vodă, with the mural "It's life on the net", Dacia Boulevard, where we find the work "Nobody famous", Căuzași street, where we meet an "Experienced young man", but also Calea Floreasca, who hosts the street opera "Alone with You".

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