Let's talk first about basic services. In general, in a complex for the elderly, the emphasis is primarily on safety. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange a medical office to serve non-stop emergencies that may occur. In addition, to relieve residents of extra effort, a real estate project of this nature is indicated to benefit from the concierge for daily needs such as laundry services, shopping, reminders for certain treatments, and others.

At the same time, because most seniors choose such a place for social interaction, it is important to set up an activity center where residents can make new friends and spend time together. It may include a gym, a cinema, a dance floor, and more.

Turning now to the facilities that change an ordinary complex into a luxury one, we can list a multitude of features found in several such projects around the world, which surpass even five-star hotels. SPA centers with massages, aromatherapy, body treatments, and thermal pools, known for their beneficial health properties, are common. Libraries are also an area of interest for seniors who prefer to spend their time reading. However, some developers have gone even further, including in the real estate projects dedicated to the elderly beauty salons, wineries, shops, and luxury restaurants.

When it comes to building a complex of this type, industry experts recommend that special attention be paid to the location. The arrangement of green spaces, the proximity to nature, the clean air, a soothing view, and the proximity to medical units and other points of interest are paramount.

And because many people also have a pet that they can't suddenly break up with when they retire, equipping the unit with pet-friendly facilities should also be a priority. Last but not least, the integration of technology is a necessary element, which makes the difference between a regular home and a premium one. As mobility can become an issue as you get older, it can be solved, for example, by including devices that can be operated by voice commands.

But what price does such a luxury property come with?

A home in Binswood Hall, a 90-apartment residential complex in Warwickshire, UK, can cost between USD 298,000 and USD 680,000, depending on the number of rooms. The Victorian building features a SPA center, a bistro and bar, a library, an indoor pool, and a spacious lounge.

In a more modern style, The Ridge, present in both Utah and Denver, USA, has contemporary-style apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as common areas where residents can admire works of art or can relax on comfortable leather sofas. They also included a gym with a personal trainer and a top restaurant.

A little further south, in Queensland, Australia, we find North Lakes Retirement Resort, which offers homes with prices between USD 180,000 and USD 330,000. Such investment provides the owners who choose adjoining services the preparation of meals and cleaning services. The complex includes, among other things, a medical clinic, transportation to the nearby town, a heated swimming pool, a croquet court, and a hairdressing salon.

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