At the beginning of the year, the two entrepreneurs are developing the latest details with the projects they have already planned.

“We intend to extend our business abroad. It is a plan for the next five years”,

says Cristina Căpitanu.

There is no doubt, New Money magazine states the experience that the two Lemon Interior Design founders have gathered during nearly 13 years of entrepreneurship will be found in more and more projects developed in Europe. At least in the first phase, because, although requests from other continents, time does not yet allow them to answer them all.

"If there is a need to implement a project, we will probably open branches too. We will do this as the need arises. Logistically, it is easier to work for Europe, but we are open to other areas as well. As an example, we have recently been contacted by someone in America for a concept. Basically, we do the concept, and they implement it”,

says Elena Oancea.

Today, Lemon Interior Design develops both residential and office projects, a growing segment for which the two entrepreneurs launched a dedicated division last year.

More details on the latest New Money issue.