As insignificant as it may seem, the right choice of lighting during the summer can make a difference. For example, it is advisable to choose objects that do not obstruct the light but allow it to spread as easily as possible in the room, so as not to have to turn on several light sources. It is also very important to pay attention to the bulbs. If you've ever had to change an incandescent bulb and had to wait good seconds until you could touch it without burning yourself, you'll easily understand this advice. This type of light bulb not only emits light but also heat, which favours heat inside the house. So, besides the fact that they are more energy-efficient, choosing LEDs at the expense of incandescent bulbs will also help you keep your home cooler. In addition, during the day, if you who work from home you can choose to arrange your office in a sun-protected corner of the house, but with natural light, and completely give up the use artificial light if possible.

Heat-producing appliances

Another way to keep the temperature low at home is to limit the use of heat-producing appliances, such as the stove or oven. Replace as much as possible cooked dishes with fruits, vegetables, and various salads that are very suitable for the summer!

The green corner

Not to be missed in any season, but especially in the warm one, arranging a green corner is one of the most effective ways to enjoy summer indoors. In addition, some plants are known for their air-purifying properties, such as orchids, aloe vera plants, dragon tree, certain species of ivy, and peace lily.

Dedicated equipment

In parallel with the air conditioner, which is recommended to be set at a temperature with a maximum of ten degrees below the outside, you can also list the humidifiers, ideally choosing a model that also includes the purification function. If you don't have a humidifier yet, you can replace it with a good-looking bowl filled with water to make the room air more breathable.

Curtains and drapes

Even if you are perhaps tempted to choose transparent curtains, which allow the sun's rays to flood and illuminate your house, if you want to maintain an optimal temperature on hot days, without abusing the air conditioning appliances, you have to tilt the balance towards some opaque curtains and drapes. To reduce the compromise, choose some models and summer colours - beige, turquoise, straw yellow, light blue, peach - these will give you a good tone even when completely covering the windows.

The furniture

While in the cold season we use furniture with warm upholstery, in the summer you should refocus on pieces of furniture that do not keep the temperature high: bamboo, rattan, or wood, preferably. Improvise a reading corner with a rattan seesaw, decorated with a few pillows "dressed" in linen or cotton, place a green plant next to it and you will create the perfect space to enjoy a pleasant time in your own home. And if you have the necessary space, you can even install a hammock, for a restful sleep after dinner.

Bed linen

When we talk about bed linen used in summer, we automatically think of natural fibres. In the warm season, fabrics made of cotton, linen, hemp, silk, or bamboo are a "must", due to their properties: they maintain an optimal temperature in contact with the body, absorb moisture, and can even be used by people who develop allergies.

Integration of biophilic design elements

If we talked about the importance of plants and furniture, we must also address biophilic design. It refers to the integration into the interior of the elements of nature (colours, plants, green walls, pieces of furniture made of natural materials), as well as the creation of a connection between the living space (and not only) and the outside environment, through spacious windows and indoor gardens, for example. Choosing such a design will connect you with nature even if you have to spend a lot of time inside the house.

Tasty delights

Make sure you always have fruit, ice cream, and a carafe of lemonade on hand. They will energize and cool you, keeping the number of calories within optimal limits. In addition, the fruits are perfect as decoration, because they give fresh air to the room. A bowl of lemons and oranges will send you straight to the sunny Amalfi Coast.

The right home

If you are looking for a new home, carefully analyse the developer look for an ecological building, with a high degree of energy efficiency. In the long run, you will understand the difference that proper insulation, windows that protect the house thermally and acoustically, providing adequate natural light, access to green spaces, proximity to parks, premium finishes, and a pleasant design can make on critical days. An example are the developments in One United Properties portfolio, that focus primarily on quality, design and sustainability, all guaranteed by rigorous certifications of energy efficiency such as Green Homes certification granted by Romania Green Building Council.