The narrowest house

If you ever feel like living in a house that is too small, it may be comforting to think that a house measuring only 152 centimetres wide at its largest side was built and rented in Warsaw. The narrowest side of this house stretched out only 92 centimetres. Keret House, designed by architect Jakub Szczęsn, has become a real tourist attraction in the Polish capital. Despite its small size, the house is structured on two floors and has a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen (which can accommodate a refrigerator so small that it can store only two drinks). Since 2012 it was included in the Guinness Book as the narrowest house in the world.

The biggest chocolate house

The owner of the house built three years ago in Brazil with the help of over 10 tons of chocolate, would present a real risk of diabetes, and it's easy to imagine why. The house, which is the largest chocolate sculpture in the world, has an area of 15 square meters and a height of 2.4 square metres. The walls, furniture, and more were made entirely of this delicious dessert, and unlike other real estate projects, the construction lasted only 13 days.

The largest gingerbread house

We stay in the "sweets area", and present the largest gingerbread house, finalized 8 years ago right on Christmas Eve. The fairy-tale house is over 18 meters in length, almost 12 meters wide, and just over 3 meters high. To visit the delicious Texan attraction, adults must pay a USD 3 bill and children USD 2, the money being raised for a humanitarian cause. The house, though, is as full of calories as it can get. All combined, the ingredients making up the house total almost 36 million calories.

The largest life-size house made from LEGO bricks

We all know how versatile LEGO pieces are, you can use them to build all sorts of objects, including a regular home. The largest life-size house built of LEGO bricks was completed in the fall of 2009. The project belongs to James May, who used an impressive 2.4 million pieces to complete it, with the help of a team of about 1,000 volunteers. The two-level house is 4.69 meters high, 9.39 metres long, and 5.75 meters wide.

The tallest residential building

We now turn to serious matters and switch our attention to the tallest residential building in the world, Central Park Tower, a 472.4-meter-high New York City skyscraper, completed two years ago. The cheapest of the 179 luxury apartments costs USD 6 million, and the most expensive ones are priced ten times higher. Earlier, the title was held by the Princess Tower in Dubai, a 413.4-meter-high residential tower.

The most expensive private house

Last but not least, we have the most expensive private house in the world: Antilia. Built in Mumbai, India, the 27-story home, which holds three world records, was completed in 2010 with an approximately USD 2 billion investment. It is 173 metres high and has an area of over 37,000 square metres. The owner is billionaire Mukesh Ambani. The luxurious property has nine high-speed elevators, a 168-seat garage, three heliports, and a temple, among others.

Data for this article was obtained from și Photo credit Adrian Grycuk.