Create contrasts

Although in autumn, involuntarily, we choose to use neutral shades of beige, brown, mustard yellow, and almond in home decoration, pay attention not to get stuck in a too linear colour palette. Thus, you should create contrasts by using strong, complementary accents, such as shades of royal blue or purple-plum, for example.

Play with textiles

Be it curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, or decorative pillows, textiles help you transform and personalize each room into a welcoming and comfortable space. Brighten up your windows with a new set of curtains in the colour of leaves and ripe quinces, cover the rattan furniture used in summer to keep the body cool with fluffy pillows and warm blankets, take out the rolled rugs from the storage spaces, and use tablecloth with specific prints.

Choose the right indoor plants

While we brought the summer season into the home with the help of cacti, aloe vera pots and other plants adapted to the hot months, autumn calls for a change: you can move all these summer plants to the balcony and replace them with chrysanthemums, orange lilies or roses, small hot pepper bushes, bonsai, succulents in copper shades, bouquets of dried flowers or even with a simple arrangement of leaves picked during a walk in the park.

Materialize the nostalgia

Because autumn brings with a pleasant feeling of nostalgia, you can take this opportunity to decorate your home with vintage objects inherited from grandparents or found in antique fairs, or modern appliances, but with a retro look: a typewriter for the room converted into a desk, a metal iron placed in the dressing room as decoration, a set of wooden or clay tableware, a kitchen scale used by your grandmother to prepare your delicious cakes as a child, or a state-of-the-art espresso machine, but with an old-school look – no matter what you choose, you'll add extra charm to your home.

Complement the lighting fixtures

As the hours of natural light decrease, what remains for you to do is to increase the number of lighting sources in the home. A lamp transformed into a statement piece placed next to the sofa in the living room, a wooden chandelier for the kitchen and two sconces with diffused light mounted on either side of the bed, a garland of warm light bulbs on the balcony will all create an intimate and pleasant atmosphere inside the house. Don't forget to add a minimalist-style lamp to your desk too – you'll keep the workroom looking airy and make sure your eyes don't get strained when you're finishing work late at night.

Make your own fall decorations

A fun and useful activity for the whole family is to create DIY fall decorations. You have a multitude of options at your fingertips, from leaves in a wide palette of shades, which you can use in garlands, or you can press and frame in gallery paintings to beautify your rooms, to the indispensable pumpkins, which you can carve, paint, and use as decoration objects both inside the house and in the garden. Don't forget to use its content to make pies and other seasonal sweets!

Integrate olfactory elements

Autumn surprises not only with its colours but also with its smells, so don't forget to emphasize this aspect as well, which will complete the seasonal ambiance in the home. Use aromatherapy diffusers or candles with fruity or woody scents to bring the scent of freshly picked vines, pumpkins, and burning wood into your home. You can also fill a bowl with chestnuts and coffee beans and place it on your kitchen table to delight your olfactory senses.

Don't forget to personalize the kids' room

For children, the arrival of fall is associated with the start of the school year, so we can easily integrate age-appropriate educational elements into their room design to spark their imagination and creativity. The options are vast, whether you choose rugs illustrated with numbers and geometric shapes, scratch-off maps placed in modern frames, calendars with quotes and literary characters, animal stickers, colourful furniture, and playful wallpaper. Pay attention to their passions - mathematics, astronomy, literature, photography – and exploit the theme of their hobbies to the maximum. Don't forget to create a comfortable relaxation and play space, intended for breaks and free time, but also one for study and homework, well compartmentalized, where the attention is not distracted by other activities.