When traveling with a mobile home, you do not depend on reservations, fixed dates, check-in / check-out hours and it is not mandatory to follow an exact route. In addition, mobile homes can be parked in a multitude of locations, whether we want to spend the night on the beach, near a festival, or in a national park.

Reduced costs

Many dream of a holiday home in the sunny vineyards of Tuscany or by the ocean, but prices can be an impediment. However, an investment of this type can be replaced by a mobile home, which can provide us with basic needs in the dream destination at a much lower price. And we are not only talking about the house itself, but also about the land, which has a significantly reduced size and, implicitly, price, when we want to use it only to install or park a mobile home. It also helps us to make significant savings on holidays, as the costs of camping are much lower than those of hotel rooms. In addition, it saves us from paying for utilities and proves useful if we need a temporary home when we renovate. And if we receive long visits, we can use it as a guest room - guests will enjoy more privacy if they have a house of their own.

"Less is more"

Using a mobile home for a while can help us develop a new life philosophy. Living, even for a short time, in a small space automatically involves the adoption of minimalism, which teaches us to make smart investments in fewer objects, but of high quality and with more uses. Living in a mobile house forces you to become more orderly and give up unnecessary objects, and airy space comes with a positive tone.


Many mobile homes, especially new ones, are made of recycled materials and use renewable energy with the help of roof-mounted solar panels.

Quick cleaning

If in an ordinary house we need many hours to clean and maintain it, in mobile home things are much simpler. The small space forces us to allocate a precise space to each object, which will make our work easier. Also due to the limited space, the duration of a general cleaning will be significantly shortened, and the maintenance can take only a few minutes.


Limited space

No matter how much we put our imagination to work to maximize the space in a mobile home, it cannot replace the tens of square meters of a normal home. The size of the kitchen is drastically reduced, the bathtub needs to be replaced by a shower, and the living room and sleeping space are, in most cases, in the same place.

Low travel speed

If we choose to travel with a mobile home, the duration of the trip will increase significantly. In addition, certain places may restrict access. Another problem can be the difficulty of finding a parking space.

Limited comfort

When we live in a mobile home we have less privacy, and parking in campsites comes with shared showers and cooking spaces if it does not already have such facilities.

Low life usage

Mobile homes must be protected in the cold season, but also constantly maintained and checked, because they are more prone to damage caused by infiltrations.

Seasonal use

Now, there are more and more high-performance mobile homes on the market, with facilities such as underfloor heating, which allow us to use them even during the winter. However, many do not have these types of benefits, so their use is restricted to the warm season.