1. Current needs and future plans

Before investing in an apartment, you need to carefully analyse your current requirements and future plans, which can drastically alter the current needs. This will help you narrow the search to certain areas and surfaces, but also to a certain budget. Planning to have a family, for example, involves different needs and costs (a certain number of rooms, proximity to schools and kindergartens) compared to a job change, which may bring with it the need to be close to certain means of transportation or changes in salary and, with them, the possibility to pay instalments.

2. Location

The next most important factor is location. Do you run every day? An apartment located near a park or in a complex on the shores of a lake is probably the best option. Are you passionate about shopping? The proximity of a mall or shopping centre will help you save valuable time. Do you work from home? A few cafes near the house or the option of an individual office right in the complex, as One Herăstrău Towers provides, will offer you the perfect place to find your inspiration. And if you have a large family or you want a house full of children, the presence of kindergartens and schools, sports clubs, and medical offices in the area is paramount. Besides, even if the lower price of an old apartment, located in a marginal area is tempting, it is preferable to invest in an apartment located in a new, exclusive neighbourhood or a central area, because such an investment is profitable in the long run and its value will increase over time.

3. The building

Nobody likes old blocks of flats, as if they have gone back in time, with decades of unchanged finishes, grumpy neighbours, and untidy gardens, so an investment in an apartment situated in a new, modern residential complex is a better option in every way. Developers are now competing to equip new real estate projects with many facilities, such as fitness rooms, swimming pools, parking lots, and generous green spaces, many with access to shops, beauty salons, or doctor's offices. Thus, residents have quick access to areas and activities of daily interest, but at the same time enjoy a peaceful and safe place, because the access to such compounds is restricted to strangers.

4. The developer

To ensure that you will benefit from the best facilities, you must also pay attention to the developer behind the residential project and analyse the principles that they follow when designing and constructing the buildings in their portfolio, their degree of sustainability, materials, and last but not least, the reputation the company has in the local real estate market. A neat website, which presents in detail the history of the company's activity, a quick Google search and positive reviews offer extra credibility.

5. The building's energy class

Equally important in choosing an apartment is the energy class of the building in which it is located, because it can help you save significant amounts on monthly bills, but also to lead a sustainable life. An energy-efficient home reduces both greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption from non-renewable sources.